Judas one of the twelve;
Let satan in him dwell.
“He was the son of perdition”,
which meant unsaved was his condition.
Jesus knew from the start;
that Judas would not change his heart.
He was a thief,
And often some of the disciple’s money he’d keep.
Thirty pieces of sliver the priest paid,
For that Jesus he betrayed.
After realizing that he made a mistake,
The money back he tried to take.
Instead of helping him be redeemed of his sins,
The priest turned their backs on him.
Jesus would have set him free,
But instead Judas hung himself from a tree.
And to the ground he fell and burst.
What a tragic way to die,
But still on Jesus’s name he did not cry.

                    –Debbie Gladwell—                        April 25, 2007