The Lord Today We Would Crucify

I wrote this poem this morning after much sorrow over yesterday and have concluded, It is true we would crucify Jesus or anyone who stands in our way.

Aug 12th will be remembered as, the day freedom of speech was taken away. It doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with the message, it was a legal permitted protest which was intentionally incited by a non-legal non-permitted protest.

Just before Jesus was crucified, Pilate gave the people a choice to set him free or not. They cried crucify him, crucify him. We think oh, how wicked those people were. Today we have people boldly crying “murder our President.” Are we any different then the ones who crucified Jesus?

The Lord Today We Would Crucify

In this world of me, myself & I
The Lord today we would crucify
We blame everyone but ourselves for our shame
Our Country has become insane
We didn’t get this way overnight
But from many years, when Satan we didnot fight
We let one take God out of schools
Now many Satan rules
We are offended everyday
By golly someone got to pay
Instead of looking at our history as a lesson
We use it as a reason for aggression
We label those who don’t agree “Hate”
If you don’t go with the flow can’t grantee your fate
People I fear the end is near
Because only ourselves do we hold dear
Everyone wants what someone else has got
Our morals have gone to pot
It is never too late to turn things around
But it will never happen if in us the love of Jesus isn’t found
I beg each to get on your knees
Because God is what our Country needs

–Debbie Thompson Gladwell–
August 13, 2017


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