I had the best dad on earth.  He taught me so much, important things like how to love and stand on my own two feet.  When I married we never asked mom and dad for anything.  We tried very hard to be like our parents & make it 100% on our own. It wasn’t until I was ready to deliver our 3rd child that I learn, dad had wished I leaned on him more. At this time my husband worked night shift. I thought maybe I was in labor so I called my parents and drove to their house. It subsided so I laid down for a little while and it came back with a vengeance.  Dad was thrilled to death to take me to the hospital.  On the way dad told me he thought he made me a little too independent.  I asked why, and he said he wished I needed him a little more.  Until that night I never knew he felt that way. That night I learned I would always be Daddy’s little girl.  Hope you enjoy this poem I wrote for dad. Even though dad is in heaven I still know I am his little girl.


Dad always wanted a son, or so he said,
But God blessed him with five daughters instead.
Dad never dwelled much on not having a son;
How could he, we always kept him on the run.
Never for a moment do I think he was sorry,
He was our protector and we never had to worry.

After a long day’s work, home he would come,
His little girls would climb on his lap,
and practice their reading on him some.
He would tell tall tales about wrestling alligators.
To us he was a big strong, loveable Gladiator.

Little girls they say wrap their daddy around their little finger.
Let me tell you, looking back I think it is true,
And yet today I’m sure, in his heart Daddy’s little girls still linger.

Dad had patience of a saint;
Especially when fishing his little girls, he would take.
One such time a water snake we saw,
And almost caused mom who couldn’t swim in the lake to fall.
In a hurry to get away, poles still in hand,
where we were going we did not look;
Poor dad in the seat of the pants we did hook.
Many a funny tale, I’m sure dad could tell.

Dad we love you so much!
We will always be Daddy’s little girls.
We are so thankful and glad,
That God made you our DAD.

–Debbie    Gladwell–                                                                                                                                 December 30, 1999

I wish each and every father a Happy Fathers Day!

Let your fathers know how much you love them because time is shorter than you think. Love them, spend time with them and be part of their lives.


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