Mom Will Always Hold My Hand!

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I have a very special mom, whom I love very much and has always been there for me.  I was thinking about her and these words came to me.  I hope it makes you think about how great your mom is.  Leave me a comment below or something that you find special about your mom.

Mom Will Always Hold My Hand!

The day I was born she counted my fingers,
and held my hand.
She vowed always to love,
and protect me.
A vow she would always keep.

When I took my first steps,
she held my hand.
She cheered and hugged me,
a teary smile on her face,
knowing her baby was growing up.

The first day of school,
as I waited for the bus,
she held my hand.
I never saw the tears in her eyes,
as I waved goodbye.

Every cut & bruise,
she was there to wipe away the tears.
She would hold my hand,
and make everything better,
She was always there!

High School came,
along with my first broken heart,
She held my hand,
and soothed my soul.
She told me there are plenty of other boys.

Then came the big DAY,
her baby was getting married.
She held my hand,
And again I didn’t see the tears,
she was happy for me but sad to lose her baby girl.

She was so happy,
when a new grandchild was born.
She was there to soothe,
and hold my hand.
Tears of joy for a new baby to hold.

Now we both are older,
and time has grown short,
she still holds my hand.
Though sometimes I see that sad knowing look
of what we both know will come.

I paste a smile on my face,
and enjoy the time we have,
while she still holds my hand.
We laugh, we cry But,
will always dread goodbye.

Though when the time comes,
we will hold hands.
It will never be goodbye,
Her love will always be with me,
I will feel her by my side.

Someday when I get to Heaven,
my mother will greet me,
She will hold my hand,
and show me around.
MOM will always hold my hand!

–Deborah L. Gladwell–

My mom passed away December 3, 2017, and I was indeed blessed to hold her hand right up until her last breath.  I look forward to our reunion in Heaven.


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